Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: ELF Essential Eye Primer

LtoR: Gold, Pearl, Sheer 
OK beauties this product right here has to be one of my faves in my collection! I mean these primers are just simply the cat's pajamas!! I'm talking about the ELF eye primers!  Oh yes the $1 ones!!!  You can find these right now at or most Target stores are carrying ELF right now.  Right now at my local Target you can get all three in a little gift set for $3! You get 0.17oz worth of pure amazingness!!  Now ELF also has a primer that is $3 and I did a little experiment by putting the $1 primer on one eye and the $3 primer on the other and after a long day, both eyes still looked the same.  You can get all three for the price of one! The gold one is perfect for neutral looks, the pearl one is perfect for making your brighter colors pop, and the sheer one is perfect for any look. Now I have seen and read a lot of beauty gurus compare this product to Urban Decay primer potion however I do not personally own an UDPP so I can't agree nor disagree with that claim.  (if you go to YT and search UDPP vs.ELF you can see for yourself)  My overall opinion is that you should definitely have this product in your collection!! This product gets Ladybugg's beauty stamp of approval!

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