Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Kleancolor American Eyedol Baked Shadow

 LtoR: Matte Purple, Taupe, Moss, Terracotta
no primer/base

OK beauties these shadows are the bees knees!!! I purchased mine at my local beauty supply for $1.29 and you can also go to the Kleancolor site, however the price on the site is $2.99.  You get 0.15oz of product.  I have 10 of them and I love every single one of them and I plan on owning the entire collection!  The majority of them are very shimmery(I love shimmer) but the do have a couple that are strictly matte!  Like most baked shadows these can be used wet or dry.  I did use one wet and it was amazing however the shadow didn't have the same consistency after I used a wet brush on it.  So I wouldn't recommend using these particular shadows wet.  I use them dry and I have no problems with them!  My overall opinion is that you should have at least one of these shadows in your collection! This product gets Ladybugg's beauty stamp of approval!

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  1. these look super pretty , i think may have to scoop these babies up.